How I Help

Below are the general areas in which I’m currently working.

If you find something you’d like to explore for yourself or with your family members, please reach out to start a conversation with me. I’d love to hear from you. If you need something that you don’t see here, I’d love to discuss that, too, as I might be able to help, or make one heck of a referral to someone who can.  I work locally in Baltimore, as well as virtually via phone and Zoom with folks in the US.

And be sure to read more about me, too. It will help you get an idea about whether I’d be an appropriate person for you to trust with your precious life and death. ♥

Aging is something many of us believe happens to us. It’s true, in the sense that we cannot prevent it from happening. But if we believe that it happens to us and we can’t control it, we couldn’t be more mistaken.

The time from mid-life on is one we absolutely can control. We can choose to see it as a sad, miserable time, or one of vibrance and amazement. We can choose to bemoan our wrinkles (or try everything to avoid them), or see them as part of the stories of our lives. We can choose to fundamentally get busy living, or get busy dying.

I can tell you, for sure, that I’m all for getting busy living. And what I know is that the more we focus on our aliveness, the more aliveness we’ll have. Your life…your destiny.

I believe that growing older is an opportunity for vast personal and, often, professional growth, a time to give back to the community and those who matter to you as an elder, and the best time, ever, to live as fully and joyfully as possible. I explore aging consciously and intentionally with those who crave the aliveness, and who see this era of their lives as miraculous, or who want to see it that way. Imagine the rest of your life—then let’s create  what you imagine.

It’s said that you’re not truly dead as long as someone alive speaks your name. Legacy is all about how people remember you.

And whether you’ve lived a “big” life, full of awards and distinctions, or you’ve lived a quiet, “smaller” life, people will remember you—the only question is how?

I’d love to help you create your legacy, which is best created in every moment and every interaction you have with another. How do you wish to be remembered?

It’s not a secret that we’re all going to get older, and eventually die. And most of us aren’t afraid of dying. What we’re afraid of is declining in abilities and aliveness as we age,  “how” we’ll die, and maybe “when.” I can’t really help with the “when,” but barring an accidental death, I can absolutely help you with the “how.” And I can help you plan for winding down—because aging doesn’t necessarily mean “declining.” How do you imagine it being, at its very best? If you imagined that you died right now, and were miraculously given a second chance to live the rest of your life, what would you do and who would you be? That’s what I want for you.

Planning is the path to aliveness through aging, and the walk up to your dying day. We cannot be like kids playing Hide and Seek, believing that Aging and Death won’t find us if we hide from them. Aging has been happening your whole life long and you haven’t managed to avoid it yet, right? And Death…it will come knocking one day.

So planning for it all, shining a light on what’s scary, or sad, and saying out loud what you want to experience, consciously growing into who you’re meant to be in these phases of your life, is the smart path. And, I promise, it’s not half as scary or sad as you think.

Some of the most difficult conversations we’ll ever have involve talking with those we love about our aging, death, and dying. Often, an even harder conversation to have is the one we need to have with ourselves, first.

Having someone whose heart isn’t tangled up in your relationshps with yourself and with those you love is of great benefit in helping youp you explore what you need to explore, and/or to facilitate the conversation you’ll need to have with those you love, and it allows you to focus on what matters to you most.

Conversations help us make sure everyone knows and understands what you want for your life, and death. They help stave off confusion, angst/fear, and conflict, help clarify your wishes and needs, and establish your autonomy and sovereignty over your life and death. These conversations are a gift to everyone.

I believe that dying is sacred, but nothing about it needs to be somber (unless that’s how you want it, of course!). We can hold death sacredly and subersively, and change how it feels and happens.

My desire is to host events that allow us to challenge how we think about and feel about dying and death. I want to help take away the fear and ick.

My events are being planned right now. Keep an eye on this space for more info!